David Farland’s Writing Tips: Bad Practices, Good Practices, Best Practices

For example, instead of opening your email before you write, could you wait for three hours and do it on a break (setting a time limit to answer)?  Instead of just putting your books up on Amazon and advertising to your mailing list, would you consider some targeted ads that might double your income?

Can we evolve beyond “good practices” and adopt “best practices?”

During this coming year, I intend to write more than I ever have before. I intend to sell more than ever before.  My goal is to adopt the “best practices” of the most productive and successful writers in the business.

That is the whole reason I created Apex. I noticed a lot of students were good writers, but didn’t belong to writing groups. Many of them seemed stuck. They weren’t quite getting published, or never seemed to find time to finish a novel, or weren’t breaking onto the bestseller lists.