318R Writing Class by David Farland with Rafael Hohmann

About the Course

From 1999 to 2002, David Farland taught a popular science fiction and fantasy creative writing class at Brigham Young University. Some of his students from those classes went on to make millions. Brandon Sanderson took it twice and has become one of the bestselling fantasy writers of our time. Dan Wells also took it, and he became one of the bestselling writers of dark fantasy of the past three decades. Stephenie Meyer took it and asked in a private consultation “How do I write the bestselling young adult novel of all time?” The book she penned has sold over 250 million copies in 37 different languages.

Now, this class is offered online so that it will be available worldwide. This workshop, “318R” features much of the same content, only it will be better, because, as Dave put it, “I’ve learned a lot.” Dave recorded these classes and trained other authors in it’s use and instruction. 

Instructor, Assignments, and Feedback

Since Dave’s passing, Rafael Hohmann has been teaching in his place. Rafael was born in the dungeon of a castle in South America. He is a number one best-selling epic fantasy author, a writing instructor, and digital artist. 

Trained by David (Farland) Wolverton and an avid member of the writing industry, Rafael’s passion is in part to write amazing books but also to strengthen communities of authors. The class will have assignments based on the methods Dave used. 

Each assignment will receive personal feed back from Rafael.

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