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The Writing Craft

4 Tips for Writing a Positive Relationship

Writing a relationship plotline is key for almost any story. Most narratives will feature a relationship that arcs positively through the book–whether the characters are

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How to Make Any Character Complex

In order to write a strong story, you almost always need complex characters. The three best ways to make any character complex are to create,

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Understand and Implement Voice

In writing, voice happens at three levels: the author, the narrator, and the characters each have their own voices. While many editors and readers openly

6 Common Dialogue Mistakes in Writing

1. Dialogue Tags Don’t Match the Dialogue.

Some people in the industry say writers should only ever use “said” and “asked” as dialogue tags. This is because it forces the dialogue itself to do the work. Personally, I’m not wholly against alternative dialogue tags (“groaned,” “cried,” “yelled,” “lamented,” etc.) when used in moderation. I think they can be particularly effective when the dialogue itself, and the context of the story, can’t portray the way that it’s said. For example: