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David Farland’s Writing Tips: The “Green” Test for the “F” Bomb

Today's writing tip is offered by Jan Nerenberg.


Recently I edited a manuscript and noted the overuse of the “f” word. The writer questioned why the use of the "f" bomb was offensive, after all he stated, it's common usage. Personal preference aside (I personally don't like it) but as an editor, mentor, and fellow-writer I considered his statement/feelings/reasoning and decided

David Farland’s Writing Tips: “Taking Your Book to Television” from Kevin Beggs

Recently I interviewed Kevin Beggs, Chairman of the Television Group for Lionsgate Entertainment at the Apex-Writer's Group, who oversees production and development of all scripted and non-scripted programming. He’s had a long string of television hits, so I won’t list many, but his works include series like Mad Men, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Dangerous Liaisons,

David Farland’s Writing Tips: The Trouble with “Was”

A new writer recently asked, “I’ve been told to avoid the use of the word “was,” but I frequently see it used in published fiction. So, can you use "was" in certain instances, or should I avoid it as best as I can?”

The truth is that “was” is a perfectly good word and you shouldn’t try to completely remove it

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