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Superstars Writing Seminars, founded in 2010, is unique among writing seminars. The curriculum is focused on teaching writers the business of being successful in the publishing industry. The instructors are chosen from the top of the industry and include International Bestselling Authors, Top Editors, Indie Publishing Platform Managers, and many more. The only focus at Superstars is to teach you how to have a successful writing career by sharing how those at the top of the industry manage their careers.

To get a closer look at the Curriculum Click Here. Learn about the specifics we teach, and why.

Previous Superstars Seminars are made available as DVDs and MP3s as well, in case you weren't able to make it. Remember, the wealth of information taught in Superstars changes each year, as the industry itself changes. Past seminars have useful information that might not be covered in this year?s hot topics and lessons.

Superstars Writing Seminars will be held February 4-6, 2016 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) at the  Antlers Hilton in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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