Publishing in 2021

Publishing in 2021 writing course by david farland

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Writing for Middle Grade and Young Adult Readers

Writing for Young Adult and Middle Grade course by David Farland

Dave has helped launch the careers of or train such notable writers as J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Brandon Sanderson, and James Dashner. Many of these people write for the middle-grade and young adult genres, audiences which have their own particular needs. In these lectures, Dave talks about some of the special considerations for these audiences […]


WorldBuilding Writing course by David Farland

This is the third of Dave’s video lecture series. David Farland has trained more #1 New York Times Bestselling authors than anyone else. One of the keys to creating a blockbuster story is to set the tale in another time and another place. The ability to transport a reader is vital, no matter what time […]

Recharging your Creative Batteries

Recharge Your Creative Batteries Writing Course

All writers need to take time to recharge their creative battery when they’re worn out. In this lecture, David Farland discusses the best, most productive ways to re-energize, so that you can get back to writing faster and with renewed spirits. In these videos, Dave will talk about how to learn to see and hear […]

Publishing in 2021

Publishing in 2021 writing course by david farland

Many new writers put together a great book proposal, then send it to a lousy agent or publisher. By doing that, they may set their own career back by 5 years. So in this seminar, I talk about how to vet agents and publishers, how to meet them, and basically get a leg up on […]

Kickstart Your Writing Career

Kickstarting your Writing Career

Kickstarting Your Career This is the second of Dave’s video lecture series. Dave has helped numerous authors hit the New York Times Bestseller lists, so one of his most frequent questions is “How can I break into writing quickly?” In this series of lectures, Dave talks about some of the steps you need to take […]

Heinlein’s Rules

Heinlein Rules Seminar

More than 65 years ago, Robert Heinlein gave a few simple rules about how to approach your writing career. The advice is considered timeless, but a few things have changed since then, and maybe it’s time for some revision. David Farland talks about what Heinlein got right, what he oversimplified, and what has changed in […]