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Need Help for a Christmas Miracle

Need Help for a Christmas Miracle

Remember that scene in It's a Wonderful Life when the whole town got together and pitched in to help a family in need? I know a family that needs a moment like that. Mom, a promising young writer, is chronically ill. Dad lost his job four months ago. They have five adorable children, one who is autistic--and if they don't get their rent paid up immediately, they'll get evicted for Christmas.

So, I'm organizing a campaign to help them get their rent paid today. If you're inclined to help at all, please do the following:

In order to make a donation, go to

Click on Pay Your Rent Online

Select Angela as manager

Then for account#, enter: 488n750w

Once you’re done, email the receipt to dwolvert@xmission, and I will forward it on to the couple.

Every little bit helps. If you can't afford to make a donation, please share this message. You can even share it off my Facebook post.

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