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Greenlighting Your Novel Live Workshop

Many new writers have a wealth of ideas for books. If you’re like me, you may have a dozen that you want to write. But which book will make you the most money?

In Hollywood, before a movie is filmed, studios will look at the film’s basic concepts, do a global market analysis, and consider the costs involved in making the film before they decide whether to pull the trigger. In other words, before the film is made, they determine whether it is worth investing time and money in it.

Considering the fact that it can take hundreds or thousands of precious hours to write a novel—hours that you may have to salvage between family obligations, work, education, and other pursuits—you need to learn how to greenlight your novels, too.

In this two-day seminar, you’ll learn such things as

  • How to analyze the global market with an eye toward gauging how robust your sales might be.
  • Ways to tweak your novel so that you can double or triple sales.
  • Ways to determine the costs involved—both in time and money—in researching, brainstorming, composing, and rewriting your novel.
  • Whether to self-publish your book or go through traditional publishing routes.

You will also be given an opportunity to pitch two novels to Dave, and receive feedback on which novel looks most promising.

This workshop is being offered in Atlanta, GA on October 10th and 11th.

October 10-11, 2014 - $199

BEST WESTERN PLUS Atlanta Airport-East
301 North Central Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30354-1601

You will receive specific instructions after you sign up for the seminar, regarding location, accommodations, food, anything you should bring, etc.

Refund Policy for Writing Workshops

At times, people need to cancel from workshops due to circumstances beyond their control. However, when this happens, it incurs certain administrative costs. Furthermore, if a student withdraws too close to the workshop, we may have seats that cannot be sold—seats that have been held for months—and this does real damage to our ability to continue these services.

Therefore, if a student needs to back out from any workshop, the student may opt to apply all of the funds to a future workshop,


The student may sell membership to another writer


If the student needs to withdraw in a timely fashion (60 days before the workshop) funds will be returned minus $25 for administrative costs.

If the student needs to withdraw within 30-60 days of the workshop, we will try to sell that student’s seat and still refund all monies, less $25 for administrative costs.

If the student needs to withdraw within 30 days of a workshop, in most cases it becomes too late to open a slot for another student, due to the time that is required for students to prepare. In these cases, only 50% of the funds will be returned.

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