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Novel Rewriting Workshop

Have you written a novel that you feel has great potential, but you’re unable to get an editor or agent interested? Or have you written a novel and now wish to make it as compelling as possible before sending it out, in the hopes of starting an auction?

Many new writers have strong writing skills, but need help when it comes to editing. So during this seminar, we will do the following:

  1. Dave Wolverton (aka David Farland) a New York Times Bestselling author, editor, and creative writing instructor, will edit the first 75 pages of your manuscript, and read the following 50 pages and your outline (10 pages), in order to assess ways to improve your writing and strengthen your work.
  2. Then, in class, we will have daily lessons for three hours each morning, followed by afternoons and evenings spent doing editing exercises on your work. These sessions will teach you how to do triage editing, where we select scenes or story lines to add to your work, delete from your novel, or change dramatically. We’ll also spend time doing line edits to improve the quality and clarity of your work, voice edits to make your narrator and characters sound consistent, and we’ll do syllabic edits to greatly increase the pacing of your novel, and so on.
  3. Each author will be asked to read the first 20 pages of each manuscript, along with the outline for the manuscript. We will then critique that first 20 pages in class, so that we can laser in on how we might best approach that story.

Each author will need to bring a computer to write on, and must be willing both to allow his or her own work to be seen by others, and to offer editing tips as part of classroom exercises.

We will also assign textbooks for this class, which students will need to study before they arrive.

By the end of the week, our goal will be to have your novel either completely rewritten, or at least have you well into the task, having developed new skills as a writer.

While we cannot guarantee that you will sell your novel, our goal with this class is to raise the value of your novel so that it garners as much attention as possible when it goes out to editors and agents. If you come with a novel that is unsellable, our hope is to edit it into something worth tens of thousands. If you come with a valuable property, we want to see if we can make it into something worth millions.

Please note that before you may enroll in this class, you must get approval from the instructor. To do this, send the first five pages of your manuscript to

You will need to send the first 100 pages of your manuscript to Dave Wolverton, along with a short synopsis of the end. The pages must be in manuscript format—12 point Courier font, with 6 inches of text per line, and 25 lines per page.

The cost for this workshop is $799.

Classroom size is extremely limited. No more than 12 students will be allowed per class.

When and Where Are the Workshops Held?

September 22-26, 2014 - $799

St. George Ramada Inn
1440 East Saint George Boulevard,
Saint George, UT
(800) 713-9435, (435) 628-2828

You will receive specific instructions after you sign up for the seminar, regarding location, accommodations, food, anything you should bring, etc.

Who Is Teaching and What Credentials Does He Have?

Dave is an award-winning, New York Times bestselling writer in two fields—science fiction and fantasy. He has written or edited nearly fifty novels and anthologies for adults, young adults, and middle-grade readers, including young adult and middle-grade books for Star Wars, the Mummy, and other franchises.

Beyond that, he has worked as college creative writing instructor, a fiction editor, a videogame designer and scripter, as a movie producer, and as the lead judge for one of the world’s largest writing contests.

Some of his students who have gone onto fame include Brandon Sanderson, #1 New York Times Bestselling author of adult and young adult fantasy; Brandon Mull, #1 New York Times Bestselling middle-grade author; James Dashner, New York Times Bestselling young adult author; Dan Wells, Whitney Award-winning young adult horror author; and Stephenie Meyer, #1 international bestselling author.

As Dave Wolverton, he began his writing career in 1987 when he won the Writers of the Future Gold Award for his short story, “On My Way to Paradise,” and shortly afterward was given a three-novel contract by Bantam Books. His first novel spent several months on the Locus Science Fiction Bestseller List, and won a Philip K. Dick Memorial Special Award as “Best Novel in the English Language.” Dave continued writing science fiction for the following ten years, writing several bestsellers among his own novels along with tie-in novels for major franchises like Star Wars and The Mummy until at the end the decade he decided to follow his childhood dream of writing fantasy, and began writing in that genre.

With the move to fantasy, he changed his writing name to David Farland, so as not to confuse his audience. His first fantasy novel, The Runelords, became a runaway hit around the world and has millions of readers. The third book in the Runelords series, Wizardborn, hit the New York Times bestseller list. Dave is now completing the ninth—and last—book of the series.

Over the years, Dave has won numerous awards for his short fiction in particular, and set a Guinness Record for the world's largest book signing–a record that he still holds. In 2010 he won the Whitney Award for Best Novel of the Year.

In 1991, Dave became a judge for one of the world's largest writing contests, the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest, and for the next decade he read thousands of stories each year, edited an annual anthology, and taught writing classes to new writers. Today he is once again judging Writers of the Future.

As an instructor, Dave has taught workshops in conjunction with the Writers of the Future, has taught upper-division classes in science fiction and fantasy writing at Brigham Young University, has appeared as a guest lecturer and instructor at dozens of conventions, and has taught many other workshops at various universities.

Dave has also worked as a game designer on such international hits as StarCraft's Brood War, and as a video game scripter.

In 2002 Dave went to work as a movie producer in Hollywood, raising millions of dollars for independent films. There he worked with screenwriters, directors and various studio heads. He recently completed the screenplay for the Runelords, which will be going into production soon.

Refund Policy for Writing Workshops

At times, people need to cancel from workshops due to circumstances beyond their control. However, when this happens, it incurs certain administrative costs. Furthermore, if a student withdraws too close to the workshop, we may have seats that cannot be sold—seats that have been held for months—and this does real damage to our ability to continue these services.

Therefore, if a student needs to back out from any workshop, the student may opt to apply all of the funds to a future workshop,


The student may sell membership to another writer


If the student needs to withdraw in a timely fashion (60 days before the workshop) funds will be returned minus $25 for administrative costs.

If the student needs to withdraw within 30-60 days of the workshop, we will try to sell that student’s seat and still refund all monies, less $25 for administrative costs.

If the student needs to withdraw within 30 days of a workshop, in most cases it becomes too late to open a slot for another student, due to the time that is required for students to prepare. In these cases, only 50% of the funds will be returned.

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