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Discover the Secrets of Writing Success From Bestselling Author David Farland

Here’s What You Will Learn in this Two-Day, Intensive Seminar:

  • How to Make a Great Living as a Top Fiction Writer—Find Out Why Some Authors Are Always Broke While Others Live Out Their Dreams
  • Secrets to Writing a Bestseller Through Wide Audience Appeal
  • Personal Insights Into “Why Your Readers Read” that Will Almost Magically Sell More Books
  • A Simple Diagram which Reveals Exactly Why and When to Step on the Gas in Your Plot
  • Nearly a Dozen Inner Circle Secrets to Make Sure Your Books Hit on Bestsellers’ Lists
  • How to Avoid the Deadly Opening Flaws which Prevent Most Authors From Getting Published
  • Virtually Unrevealed Techniques for Guiding Your Readers “Into the Rabbit Hole” as You Explore Your Story’s Mysteries
  • Of All the Ways Your Story Could End, Learn Which Grand Finales Are the Most Powerful, Satisfying and will Keep Your Readers Coming Back For More
  • Why Publishers Don’t Have Time to Edit Books Anymore and How to Make Sure Your Manuscript Shows Up at the Publisher Virtually Flawless
  • Having Worked as a Hollywood Producer, David will Walk You Through Secrets to Selling Your Film Rights and How to Maximize Your Income on Any Movie
  • Tips for Eliminating Writer’s Block and Other Obstacles so You Can Keep Turning Out those Golden Eggs
  • Nearly a Dozen Inner Circle Secrets to Make Sure Your Books Hit on Best Sellers’ Lists
  • How to Make Sure that Every Book Comes Out Better than the One Before
  • The Four Most Vital Keys to Writing a Bestselling Book or Movie
  • Five Techniques to Exploit an Intellectual Property in Hollywood and Around the World
  • The Right Way to Introduce Yourself to Editors, Agents, and Movie Producers and How to Get Yourself in Front of Them
  • Is Writing Really Your Easy Path to Wealth and Fame? The Truth About the T.V. Image of the Lavish Lifestyle of a Successful Author—Here’s How Success Can Be Achieved, But Don’t Buy Into Some Pipe Dream. It’s Real Work
  • Writing Tricks that have Turned Struggling New Writers Like J.K. Rowling Into Global Sensations
  • The Ins and Outs of Self-publishing
  • Why 98% of Wanna-Be Authors Fail . . . and much more!

David Farland Produces More Top Writers than Any Other Instructor—You Could Be Next!

David Farland/Wolvertin David Farland is widely regarded as one of world’s best mentors for new writers. Some past students who have gone on to gain fame and fortune include #1 New York Times Bestseller Stephenie Meyer, #1 New York Times Bestseller Brandon Sanderson, New York Times Bestselling young adult author Brandon Mull, New York Times Bestselling science fiction author Eric Flint, and many more. Dave has an uncanny ability to spot that one or two weaknesses that a budding author needs to overcome in order to get published.

He’s published over fifty novels in science fiction, fantasy, and the historical field, including novels for adults, young adults and children. He has been a New York Times Bestselling author under both his writing name, David Farland, and his given name, Dave Wolverton. He holds the Guinness World Record for the largest single-author signing. David worked for nearly a decade as coordinating judge for one of the world’s largest writing contests, and he has recently taken that role again. He has also worked as a movie producer, college writing instructor, and videogame designer and scripter. Dave has worked with a number of the world’s top intellectual properties, including Star Wars, the Mummy, Xena, and Starcraft.

Why this “Write That Novel 2.0” Seminar Is THE One For You

What makes the Write That Novel 2.0 Seminar special is that an enormous amount of vital information is packed into two days, so unlike other seminars you don’t have to miss time from work, use up your vacation days, and spend a fortune on hotels and food. But you have to stay sharp; David has honed his curriculum to the point that life-altering mental leaps will be coming at you every few minutes. Feel free to bring a recorder or notepad, you’ll want to capture it all and review it. When David does one of these seminars, he says he feels limp like a wrung out rag afterward. His voice goes out for a few days. He often even gets sick and spends the following week in bed. He literally gives you his all. It’s explosive.

The cost of the two-day seminar is $199.

You’re Backed By Our Generous Guarantee:

After attending the entire event, you must feel richly rewarded by the wisdom you’ve gained. If you don’t feel that the Write That Novel 2.0 Seminar was worth every penny, every minute and any effort you put in to get there, then simply ask David for a complete refund and you’ll receive it promptly and courteously. Yes, we realize that with such a guarantee so completely one-sided in your favor, some unscrupulous people could take advantage of us, but we’ll take that risk. We know that what we have to share with you is so pivotal to your success that you will be forced to agree, when you walk out the classroom doors, you’ll be enlightened, ready to launch your writing career to new heights and feel glad that you went. We know that you’ll happily be forced to admit it was well worthwhile.

Upcoming Write That Novel 2.0 Seminars

October 3-4, 2014 - $199
Indianapolis, IN
Hampton Inn Indianapolis Northwest - Park 100

You will receive specific instructions after you sign up for the seminar, regarding location, accommodations, food, anything you should bring, etc.

Refund Policy for Writing Workshops

At times, people need to cancel from workshops due to circumstances beyond their control. However, when this happens, it incurs certain administrative costs. Furthermore, if a student withdraws too close to the workshop, we may have seats that cannot be sold—seats that have been held for months—and this does real damage to our ability to continue these services.

Therefore, if a student needs to back out from any workshop, the student may opt to apply all of the funds to a future workshop,


The student may sell membership to another writer


If the student needs to withdraw in a timely fashion (60 days before the workshop) funds will be returned minus $25 for administrative costs.

If the student needs to withdraw within 30-60 days of the workshop, we will try to sell that student’s seat and still refund all monies, less $25 for administrative costs.

If the student needs to withdraw within 30 days of a workshop, in most cases it becomes too late to open a slot for another student, due to the time that is required for students to prepare. In these cases, only 50% of the funds will be returned.

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