Magnificent Middles:

For many writers, the most difficult part of a novel to write is the middle. Even professionals who outline well will often find that at the midpoint, they tend to second-guess their work, sit back and analyze their opening, consider their ending, and try to figure out how to get there in a way that will be entertaining and powerful.

This course has several lectures that will help you organize your thoughts before you begin writing, and it also has review lessons from other courses. For example, we have lessons on characterization, setting, types of conflicts, plotting the middles of a novel, and on types of plotting tools that you can use to strengthen the middle of the novel.

When you complete this video course material, you will write the first draft of your middle, up to the first 50 manuscript* pages.

You should then review your work and send it to Dave for his critique and edits.

Many people ask, “What if I want you to review more than fifty pages?” The answer is that I’m generally happy to edit extra pages. Just let me know how long the manuscript is, and I can make you a bid on it.

*Standard Manuscript Format is defined as a manuscript written in Courier 12-point font. Each line is double-spaced, with a total of 25 lines per page, and each line is exactly 6-inches long. Chapters start on the seventh line. A template will be provided for you.

You will write 50 pages (in standard manuscript format*) for the middle of your novel, and send them to David Farland for editing. You may send these pages all at once, or break them into a couple of chapters at a time.

Prerequisites: While no classes are required before you begin, Magnificent Middles would be very helpful, Promising Starts course, as would the book Million Dollar Outlines.

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