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15 Courses. 4 Books. Over 90% OFF?!

Some of the most mega-successful authors in the country attribute David Farland as being ‘pivotal’ to their success as an author.

Some of the most mega-successful authors in the country attribute David Farland as being ‘pivotal’ to their success as an author. 

Many of whom began stuck, frustrated, tired of staring at blank screens, and flat-out clueless on how to go from blank page to a finished manuscript…

Many of whom were tired of feeling “stupid”, untalented, and unconfident in their ability to churn out merely half-decent pros…

Many of whom, no matter what they tried (and they’d tried everything), just couldn’t for the life of them figure out how to get over the ‘hump’ they’d been stuck on. 

And now?

More than 100+ of these students have gone on to achieve ‘bestseller success’. 

And not only are David’s students finally discovering how to write like they’ve always dreamed of…

But they’re being shown how all those things that were holding them back weren’t true at all…

Because it turns out that becoming an excellent writer is simply a matter of following the right steps in the right order. 

And it was with this knowledge that David vowed to create something that could help any writer – at any stage – overcome these all-too-common stumbling blocks too many writers struggle with every single day…

You see, we’ve found that for most writers, they simply didn’t know exactly WHAT they should be doing, and in what order, to write the way they always wanted…

Even though it IS possible – and is attainable. 

And that’s why David created The Super Writers’ Bundle.

A proven ‘collection’ – a Roadmap – that takes any writer from where they are, to being an accomplished author – no matter where they started. 

See, there are a handful of skills and components of the writing process you need to develop and balance in order to become a great writer…

Yes, there are skills like Brainstorming, Outlining, and Editing…

But also publishing, marketing, and the actual ‘business’ of writing – not to mention keeping yourself motivated. 

And when you follow the steps laid out in the order David’s already laid them out…

It progressively enables you to produce powerful pros whenever you want. 

It’s kind of like a GPS – taking you exactly where you want to go. 

And that’s because David’s already done the hard work for you, putting it all together, so all you have to do is follow the simple action step in each module of each program. 

Speaking of which, there are 15 of them – dozens of modules available to you instantly right now. 

Plus, you also get 4 of David’s bestselling writing books at no extra charge. 

If you were to go out and try to snag each of these individual programs and books on their own, the total would come in at a whopping $6,000+…

And the Super Writers’ Bundle is usually available to the public for $597. 

And you’re not going to have to pay anywhere near $6k today. 

Because, since you’re already “on the inside”, we want to do something very special for you today…

Until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, you can get over $5,400 OFF the regular price of Lifetime Access to the Super Writers’ Bundle…

PLUS – an EXTRA 15% OFF the regular bundle price. 

All you have to do is add the code ‘SUPER15’ at checkout, and we’ll take another 15% OFF your Super Writers’ Bundle.

Here’s everything included when you gain access to this career-changing bundle: 

  • Brainstorm your world, characters, and conflicts 

  • Outline the plot scene by scene

  • Plot for maximum impact

  • Compose mesmerizing fiction

  • Market to a wide audience

  • Edit like a pro

  • Traditionally Publish–learn how to get started

  • Self-publishing for beginners

  • Staying motivated

  • Unique System for Finding Publishers, Editors and Agents

  • The Business of Writing

  • And More!

PLUS – you’ll get digital copies of the following Farland Fiction Coaching books sent directly to your inbox immediately!

  • Million Dollar Outlines

  • Drawing on the Power of Resonance 

  • Blockbuster Book Signings

  • And Writing Wonder

That way you’ll have a literal roadmap – a proven, step-by-step blueprint to becoming the writer you’ve always dreamed of being. 

The best part? 

You’ll get permanent access to all these programs and books that come with a 30-day 100% no questions asked money-back guarantee – so you don’t even have to decide today if you want to keep them. 

We’re opening up this special enrollment period for only TODAY!

AND – this is the last time this bundle will ever be offered at this deeply discounted price again. 

After midnight, this special enrolment period ends, and this discount goes away. 

OH – and we’ve included a (not-more-expensive) multi-pay option, if that helps. 

So right now is your chance to lock in a very low one-time discount before the price goes up for good. 

You can secure your special discount and unlimited lifetime access to The Super Writers’ Bundle for just $507.45 today during this special enrollment period here: 

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Don’t forget to add the code ‘SUPER15’ at checkout to get an EXTRA 15% OFF this already-deeply discounted bundle.

Talk soon, 

Team Farland

PS – By the way, if you want all the details, or you aren’t sure if The Super Writers’ Bundle is a good fit for you yet, I’ve put together a page including all of the details of this one-of-a-kind program bundle showing you what’s included, plus several success stories of students.

You can see all the details for The Super Writers’ Bundle – as well as additional enrollment options – here:

>> Click here to get all the details about The Super Writers’ Bundle – and additional Enrollment options

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15 Courses. 4 Books. Over 90% OFF?!