Writing a Bestselling Series, Chapter 18: Going to Hollywood

Among novelists, there is a saying: Don’t go to Hollywood.  It seems to be something of a graveyard where authors go to die.  But every year, a few young novelists go to seek their fortune there—and most are never heard from again Part of the problem is that most of the authors go to Hollywood […]

The Key to Making Your Book Better than the Movie

You’ve all experienced this: you went to a movie that was based on a book, and on the way out of the theater you heard the comments from others: “Oh, the book was soooo much better!” There are two reasons why this is almost always true: The book is far more immersive than the film.  It allows […]

Books to Movies

There are four major platforms for taking a fictional story big. You can launch it as a book (either traditional or comic), or film (either movies or television), or as a videogame. But in the last couple of years, we’ve also seen toy franchises breaking out as platforms for movies with things like Transformers, Battleship, […]