The KAV Cycle, Part 1

Each of us is accustomed to taking in information, to learning, in our own way.  Some people learn things by doing.  For example, a mechanic might learn how to use his hands to manipulate wrenches and screwdrivers so that he can tear apart a car engine, virtually in the dark.  While another person might find […]

Installing a New Habit

Humans are creatures of habit. We learn how to do a thing—such as drive a car—and then put ourselves on autopilot. We don’t have to consciously think about “How do I start this thing? How do I use a turn signal? Am I giving it enough gas?” We just hop in and go. As a […]

Bring Creative Solutions to Your Writing Career

Earlier this week I wrote about some new challenges facing Indie authors and suggested that one solution to them might be to look again at traditional publishing. But there are more solutions than that! For example, have you ever considered creating a “Writers’ Ring”? A writers’ ring is a group of authors who generally like […]