Do You Need a Publicist?

First of all, publicists can help you, their services can cross a broad spectrum.

For example, let’s say that you want to get an article about your book placed in People Magazine or a popular airline magazine. Years ago, there was a publicist who specialized in just that—writing articles about authors and their books and getting them published in magazines.

Another publicist I worked with would set up tours where authors would go on television news shows and try to get author interviews set up there.

A third specialized in creating huge Twitter and Facebook followings.

A fourth created press releases so that the author could get articles published in the Entertainment sections of newspapers.

A fifth was an image consultant and trained authors in public speaking, and would then focus on getting them gigs speaking at author events.

Building a Better Battering Ram

“When do I begin approaching agents?” I get that question at least once a week, and my answer is always the same: “When your novel is done. And by that I mean, well done!” I think that it is human nature to be eager. When we are working on a novel, and we’re excited about […]