New York Times Best-Selling Author
David Farland
is teaching a series of Master Workshops on launching your book.

The first section covers:

  • Should you write a little novel or a biog series?
  • How do you turn your novel release into a major event?
  • Creating a bestseller-from designing a cover, choosing a font, to getting and selecting cover quotes.
  • How to write your bio and back copy
  • Selecting the right reviewers for your book.
  • Ramping up for the launch by creating your list.
  • Getting in front of the public-radios and television.
  • Choosing which bestseller lists to push for: Paperback, audiobook, e-book?
  • Book promotional tie-ins-toys, posters, short stories, and more!


Sign up for this 4-hour Master Workshop for only $79
Or take all three of sections of the Strategies for Success workshops for discounted amount of $219