Has your writing group gone stale?

  • They don’t get your style and keep giving you the same old feedback. It’s just noise. You wish you had someone who could tell you how to turn it into a symphony. Sometimes the best answer is to find a place you’ll be happier.

Do you struggle with toxic critics in the group?

  • Those people know they suck and their goal is to make everyone else feel as bad about their self-image as they feel about their own. If you listen to them at all, do the opposite of what they say. Ultimately, toxics need to be replaced. If there is more than one toxic in a group, or if a toxic cannot be ousted, find a new group.

Does your group spend more time talking than actually writing?

  • Most people feel that a writing group’s meeting time is a great chance to get to know other writers and bond with people in the group. But this time is extremely valuable and is some of the best spent training time you will ever invest. Don’t spend it gabbing, and insist that everyone else keep on track as well, or they are steeling from you, each other and themselves. If you can’t get them on track you will have to find another group.

Is it difficult to meet with your group?

  • Tell them to get dedicated about writing and prioritize those meetings or let you know that they have more important things, so you can find another group. There was nothing more important to my original writing group than writing, and we almost all went on to become published authors.

Do people in the group not come—don’t read the stories--or don’t bother to critique?

  • Hey, if they aren’t even willing to do the basics then they are clearly just Users not Givers. You’ll forever fight their basic nature. Just get out and find a better group, unless you think there is a real management problem that can be overcome.

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