Epic Novel Creative Writing Workshop Course

The Epic Novel Writing Workshop

Have you ever wanted to write an epic novel, a big book, whether it be a fantasy or science fiction book

In this class we will work with David Farland to study some of the best books and films on the topic, 

These are the kinds of books that typically win millions of fans and can make hundreds of millions of dollars for the author.

In this class, David Farland will help you prepare to write your own epic.

Joseph Campbell (The Power of Myth)

Star Wars review of episodes 4, 5, and 6

Harry Potter (and Rowling’s use of emotional draws)

Dune (world creation and mythic societies)

Lord of the Rings (emphasizing Tolkien’s Broken Narrative technique)

Course Content: Have you ever wanted to write an epic, a big book, whether it be in fantasy or science fiction? Doing so requires that you approach it carefully, with the hopes of really nailing it. These are the kinds of books that typically win millions of fans.

In this class, we will help you prepare to write your epic by:

  • Creating Epic Worlds
  • Weaving Narratives with Multiple Protagonists
  • Dealing with Epic Conflicts and Plots
  • We’ll study the secret to beating Harry Potter. (Yes, it can be done!) Particularly we will focus on the positive emotions Rowling evoked—such as wonder, humor, and delight, and show how Tolkien handled the same problems, along with George Lucas. We’ll look at storytelling chiaroscuro.
  • We’ll study the tactics that J.R.R. Tolkien used create Lord of the Rings—his broken narrative techniques to drive the reader into a Theta state and use of deep resonance. Once again, the goal will be to beat Tolkien.
  • With George Lucas, we’ll delve into how he used resonance within the mythic journey after studying under Joseph Campbell (Hero with a Thousand Faces), whose book will also be required reading.
  • We’ll study Frank Herbert’s Dune—To see how he used characters’ occupations to create a web of conflicts.

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