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Writing for Middle Grade and Young Adult Readers

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1. The Advanced Story Puzzle Course

Creating a story is like putting a puzzle together, one with missing or misleading pieces. In this course you’ll learn how to recognize what pieces of your story you have (such as characters, scenes, or conflicts), determine what pieces are still missing, and fashion the pieces you need. Dave will show you how to create imaginative settings that can give birth to incredible societies and characters, plus how to take those characters’ cores and generate enthralling conflicts for your plot.


2. Writing Enchanting Prose

 You’ve read stories that absolutely swept you away into another world, stories that made you forget you were reading and ultimately left you changed. In our first lesson, we’ll teach you how to communicate through writing on such a deep level, you can do that with your own stories.

3. Writing Mastery 1

What are the nine most common weaknesses that keep new authors from publishing successfully? This course will help you identify these problems and overcome them, strengthening your own writing through education and practice. Each topic is addressed in a taped lesson, followed by learning material, recommended reading, and a writing assignment. Learn to take your writing from “okay” to “powerful” and then “mesmerizing” in this first Writing Mastery course.

4. Writing Mastery 2

In Writing Mastery 2, the focus will be on your story, which means that you will spend more time brainstorming scenes and working to build your story as a whole. Many of these exercises are designed to help you see your story in a new way, brainstorm new scenes, and then begin writing them, so that you build on the existing framework of your novel.


5. How to Write: Promising Starts

Think you’re ready to begin your novel? The new author is faced with a lot of tasks: introducing his world, his characters, and building his story. For most people, starting well is a struggle. This workshop will help guide you through the process of writing that difficult opening.

 6. Magnificent Middles Workshop

Do you have problems with middles? This workshop will teach you how to escalate your conflicts, deepen your characters, and broaden your world while weaving together great storylines.

7. Rewriting to Greatness

In this workshop you will learn why you need to become your own editor, and you’ll get an overview of the editorial process. You’ll learn why it’s important to make multiple passes while editing, and Dave will help introduce you to some of the best tools to guide you as you revise your novel.


(FREE BONUS) The Story Puzzle

Dave teaches the importance of transporting a reader into a fictional universe, as shown by the bestselling books and films in each genre. Learn how to pick fascinating settings, whether in a contemporary setting, historical, futuristic setting, or fantasy world. Then learn how to create your own worlds in fantasy and science fiction. You’ll create your overall setting for your novel, as well as “mini-settings” that you will visit in each scene in order to “grow” your world.


8. Publishing in 2020

Many new writers put together a great book proposal, then send it to a lousy agent or publisher. By doing that, they may set their own career back by 5 years. So in this seminar, I talk about how to vet agents and publishers, how to meet them, and basically get a leg up on a stellar career. Just as importantly, I’ll give advice to help you decide whether to go Indie, because in some genres, you might not even want a publisher, and getting one could hurt your career.


9. The Worldbuilding Seminar

In every genre, the works at the very top of the all-time bestseller list tend to be those where the author has spent time to develop a unique and compelling world. In this series of seven lectures, Dave will talk about some of the elements of worldbuilding that you should explore.


10. Kickstart Your Career Seminar

Dave has helped numerous authors hit the New York Times Bestseller lists, so one of his most frequent questions is “How can I break into writing quickly?” In this series of lectures, Dave talks about some of the steps you need to take in order to build a successful career as a writer. This goes especially well with his book Million Dollar Book Signings, also included in this bundle.


11. Writing for YA and MG Seminar

Dave has helped launch the careers of or train such notable writers as J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Brandon Sanderson, and James Dashner. Many of these people write for the middle-grade and young adult genres, audiences which have their own particular needs. In these lectures, Dave talks about some of the special considerations for these audiences and tells why they can be so hard to break into, but also so lucrative.


12. Recharge Your Creative Batteries Seminar

Every writer gets tired at times and feels that he has hit a creative block. In these lessons, Dave talks about how to combat that fatigue and get excited about your art once again.


13. Heinlein’s Rules Seminar

More than 65 years ago, Robert Heinlein gave a few simple rules about how to approach your writing career. The advice is considered timeless, but a few things have changed since then, and maybe it’s time for some revision.



Super Writer’s Bundle Books


Million Dollar Outlines

Many writers can tell you how to outline, or not, but in this #1 Amazon bestseller, Dave takes it several steps further by helping you decide not just how to outline a novel, but how to create one that will become a bestseller.


Drawing on the Power of Resonance in Writing

Every genre of writing has a “secret language” that builds up around it, a way of presenting itself to the world. In this book, Dave helps you see the importance of learning how to resonate well with other books and films in your genre, while resonating with real-life experiences, so that your novel will garner an audience as big as the genre that you write in.


Million Dollar Book Signings

Dave has had terrible book signings and great ones. In fact, on July 3, 1999, he broke the Guinness Record for the World’s Largest Single-Author, Single-Book Signing. You wouldn’t think that in today’s world that doing book signings would be important, but in this book Dave shows how laying the foundations of success for your book is vital, and reveals how some of his authors have become millionaires by focusing on one book signing at a time.


Writing Wonder

From the time when children first began gathering around campfires, we have been seeking tales of wonder–the feeling you get when something is strange and exciting. Most of the books we read are what I call “wonder literature”, yet writing wonder is a lesson seldom taught. This book will delve into what “wonder literature” truly means and how to increase the level of wonder in your novel.



Quotes from Past Students

“His explanations led directly to me getting my first agent, and subsequently, my first book deal.”

– Brandon Sanderson, #1 New York Times Bestselling fantasy author

“Aside from being a talented writer, David Farland is an excellent writing teacher. Those who would like to learn more about the craft of writing would be wise to pay attention.”

– Brandon Mull, #1 New York Times bestselling children’s author

“Dave’s work spans many genres and is always good!”

– Kevin J. Anderson, #1 New York Times Bestselling science fiction author

“This is a seriously good deal. The classes I’ve taken from Dave have been some of the most useful, thought-provoking writing lessons I’ve had.”

– Kate Julicher, award-winning past student

“If there’s an aspiring writer in your life, this is a princely gift. If YOU are the aspiring writer, this is an investment in your own success.”

– Kary English, award-winning past student

“I paid the full $2,400 for these courses and books over the years, which were all well worth it!”

– Jeff Kasunic, past student (and a very good one!)

Who is David Farland?

His work spans multiple genres. He’s won best-book-of-the-year awards in science fiction, historical fiction, and young adult thrillers.

He’s also the lead judge for one of the world’s largest writing contests, L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest, where he judges thousands of stories every year, edits the annual anthology that results, and teaches writing courses.

Dave has taught creative writing at Brigham Young University and at conventions and symposiums across the United States, Australia, and Europe. Nearly a hundred of his past students have gone on to become bestsellers, including eight who have hit #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list.

These courses are designed to teach you what he has taught other bestsellers.

“I still use the writing techniques he discussed, and constantly reference him and his instruction when I teach creative writing myself… His explanations led me directly to getting an agent, and subsequently, my first book deal.”

As a writing instructor, Farland has mentored dozens who have gone on to staggering literary success, including such #1 New York Times Bestsellers as Brandon Mull (Fablehaven), Brandon Sanderson (Wheel of Time), and Stephenie Meyer (Twilight).

Farland judges L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future, one of the largest worldwide writing competitions for new fantasy and science fiction authors. The contest has helped discover and launch many authors into professional careers, with nearly 100 new science fiction and fantasy books released in just the last year. In the video game industry, he has been both a designer and a scripter and was the co-leader on the design team for StarCraft: Brood War. He set the Guinness World Record for the largest single-author, single-book signing.

David Farland has been hailed as “The wizard of storytelling” and his work has been called “compelling,” “engrossing,” “powerful,” “profound,” and “ultimately life-changing.”




Farland is Looking to Train the Next New York Times Bestselling Author—Raise Your Hand—It’s Up to You

One of the world’s largest writing competitions, the L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest, where he judges thousands of stories every year, edits an annual anthology, and teaches writing courses.

David has taught creative writing at Brigham Young University and at conventions and symposiums across the United States, Australia, and Europe.

He regularly hosts an intense four-day writing training boot camp for $2,600.00 and they always sell out far in advance. These Boot Camps have given a great deal of knowledge to writers everywhere.

The problem with them is that David brain dumps a wealth of information on you and within the first few minutes your mind goes into overload with ideas and insights that you’ve never had before and it continues hour after hour, day after day, and you go home confident that you have learned, but really having a hard time internalizing it all.

Because so many of his students and yes, followers, like me, have suggested this, he has introduced this new program for us, at a greatly reduced cost. You’re going to get to be indirectly mentored by David Farland and it’s not going to cost you anything like $1,200.00. Not even close.



But I Need a Woman Mentor or He Doesn’t Write in My Genre

First off, only a bigot would really believe that it takes a woman to write romance, and I was there when David Farland fell in love with his wife 35 years ago. I’ve never seen anything gushier romantic in my life. I’ll never forget it. He can write that or any other genre—but that is beside the point.

The fact is that his teachings are not genre specific. They have nothing to do with what genre you are in and are suited to any genre that involves the art of storytelling. Even someone writing story problems for a math book could benefit well.

So put any concern about your genre or nature out of your mind, they are irrelevant.



Would you like to know what you are about to get for next to nothing?

Prepare to Be Amazed…

You Will Get ALL of the Following:

“The Super Writers’ Bundle”

The Super Writers’ Bundle is a new program where you get access to a suite of writing courses for a low one time charge. 


The Advanced Story Puzzle: How to Brainstorm and Outline a Bestseller

This workshop teaches you how to brainstorm and outline a bestselling novel using several different systems for brainstorming, including the Mountain Peak Method, Snowflake Method, 321 Method, and more.

  • Lesson 1: Settings
  • Lesson 2: Character
  • Lesson 3: Conflict
  • Lesson 4: Plotting
  • Lesson 5: Theme
  • Lesson 6: Treatment
  • Each section includes exercises to strengthen the lessons you’ll learn, and with weekly conference call with Dave you’ll have the opportunity to get real-time answers to the questions that might arise as you work through the course.

Writing Enchanting Prose

You’ve read stories that absolutely swept you away into another world, stories made you forget you were reading and ultimately left you changed. This course is designed to teach you how to capture your reader’s imagination and then hold the reader enthralled through your entire novel.

Week 1: How to Enchant Your Reader.

Week 2: Using All of The Senses.

Week 3: Weak vs Strong Appeals.

Week 4: Metaphors and Similes.

Week 5: Hooking Your Reader.

Week 6: Description.

Week 7: Dialog.

Week 8: Narrating a Tale.

Week 9: Putting it All Together.

Writing Mastery 1

What are the nine most common weaknesses that keep new authors from publishing successfully? In this workshop, Dave will help you identify these problems and overcome them, strengthening your own writing through education and practice. Each topic is addressed in a taped lesson, followed by learning material, recommended reading and a writing assignment. Assignments are to be turned in to Dave for personal feedback. Learn to take your writing from “okay” to “powerful” and “mesmerizing” in this first Writing Master course.

Lesson 1: From Generalities to Specifics

Lesson 2: Precision in Character

Lesson 3: Precision in Setting

Lesson 4: Beats in Dialogue

Lesson 5: Argument

Lesson 6: Hooks

Lesson 7: Narration

Lesson 8: Metaphors and Similes

Lesson 9: Theme

Writing Mastery 2 — Using Plotting Tools

Writing Mastery 2, the focuses on your story, which means that you spend more time brainstorming scenes and working on them as a whole.

Lesson 1: Recognize Plot Holes.

Lesson 2: Complications and Obstacles.

Lesson 3: Nine Parts to a Story.

Lesson 4: Identity Conflict.

Lesson 5: Crucibles.

Lesson 6: Time bombs.

Lesson 7: Dilemmas.

Lesson 8: Character Growth.

Lesson 9: Tripling.

Lesson 10: Story Shapes.

Don’t let plot holes ruin your road to the NYT Bestseller list.

The Promising Starts Course

Many people would like to write a novel but don’t know how to begin. In this course, you will learn how to write the opening of a novel, with emphasis placed upon how to write to a wide audience and how to set up the “promises” that a writer makes with this story.

Lessons to review along with this section:

  • Nine Parts to a Story
  • Make Your Character Likeable
  • Characters: Conclusion
  • Types of Conflict
  • Vary Your Conflicts
  • Scene Settings
  • Setting Conclusion

Planning Your Novel. Some writers begin a novel with a very complex outline while others like to write by the seat of their pants. In this lesson, Dave discusses how various authors approach novels, and talks about the importance of keeping yourself open to new ideas while having at least a basic plan for your novel.

  • Plotting Beginnings
  • Dealing with Themes
  • Complications and Obstacles

Writing Your Inciting Incident.

The inciting incident should occur within the first ten percent of your novel, generally. When you finish this clip, consider what types of inciting incidents you will have for each character, plan the scenes that will lead to those incidents, and write the opening to your novel, where you introduce your characters, setting, conflicts, and themes.

Here are some review lessons to help you focus your skills as you begin to compose:

  • From Generalities to Specifics
  • Precision in Setting
  • Hooks

Your First Try/Fail Cycle.

After watching this video, plot your scenes from the end of the inciting incidents up through the first attempts to resolve major problems. Create a detailed plan on how to get through the planning stages of the conflict, the first attempt to resolve, tell us about the failure or partial success that occurs, and then detail what happens next as the characters struggle to handle their failure and bounce back.

Developing Your Story.

The “Magnificent Middles” Course

For many writers, the most difficult part of a novel to write is the middle. Even professionals who outline well will often find that at the midpoint, they need to second-guess their novel, sit back and look at their opening, consider their ending, and try to figure out how to get there in a way that will be entertaining and powerful.

Rewriting to Greatness

In this class, you will learn why you need to become your own editor, and you’ll get an overview of the editorial process. You’ll learn why it’s important to make multiple passes while editing, and we’ll show you how to approach your edit.

Acquisitions Editing.

Content Editing.

Line Editing.

Syllabic Editing.

Writing Seminars

You will also have access to David Farland’s Writing Seminars—each which takes 1-6 hours of viewing time. These include:

Writing for Middle-Grade and Young Adult Readers

In this collection of lectures, Dave talks about special problems in writing for the younger audiences and the strategies you can use to turn your story ideas into bestselling novels.

  • Lesson 1: When writing for young readers, you are really writing for two different audiences: the kids and the adult gatekeepers the book has to get through to reach your real target—the young reader.
  • Lesson 2: Understanding limitations.
  • Lesson 3: As we age, our taste in literature changes. Use the correct emotional beats to appeal to your target audience.
  • Lesson 4: Editors/Agents/and Self-Publishing.
  • Lesson 5: How big should your book be.
  • Lesson 6: Dave recaps on the important points of this seminar.


Heinlein’s Rules

Dave talks about what Heinlein got right, what he oversimplified, and what has changed in the intervening 65 years since Heinlein made his famous rules.

  • Rule 1: You Must Write!
  • Rule 2: You Must Finish What You Write!
  • Rule 3: Do Not Rewrite Except To Editorial Demand.
  • Rule 4: Send Your Work Out! With self-publishing, this rule is out of date.
  • Rule 5: Keep Your Work on The Market Until It Sells!
  • Conclusion: Dave talks about why Heinlein’s rules were wrong in most cases on the date that he wrote them, and why other bits of advice are fifty years out of date.


Kickstarting Your Career

One of his most frequent questions is “How can I break into writing quickly.”

Lesson 1: Introduction. The average writer takes fourteen years to become a bestseller.

Lesson 2: Consider your Resources.

Lesson 3: Write Every Day. We learn by doing.

Lesson 4: Take Writing Classes.

Lesson 5: Get Feedback.

Lesson 6: Set a Bar.

Lesson 7: Gain Story Mastery.

Lesson 8: Get on a Career Path.

Lesson 9: Conclusion.


Recharge Your Creative Batteries

All writers need to take time to recharge their creative battery when they’re worn out. In this lecture, David Farland discusses the most productive ways to re-energize so that you can get back to writing faster and with renewed spirits.

  • Recharging 1: Learn to See and Hear Truly
  • Recharging 2: Take Interest
  • Recharging 3: Be Kind to Your Brain

Give yourself time for rest. Studies suggest that we function better if we take power naps in the afternoon. David talks about different ways to take care of your brain, including what supplements to take and what to eat so that you can think more clearly. He also discusses the importance of taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally.

  • Recharging 4: After-novel Blues



1: Do I Need to Build a World?

Worldbuilding 2: Creating an Atmosphere for Your World

Worldbuilding 3: Where are Your Habitable Zones?.

Worldbuilding 4: Engineering Plants and Animals

Worldbuilding 5: Developing Societies

Worldbuilding 6: Creating Diverse Power Systems

Worldbuilding 7: Languages and History

So What Will This Set Me Back?

“I’ve trained dozens of writers who have gone on to become New York Times best sellers, and for years I’ve been dissecting unique methods to best teach the art, craft and business of writing and selling books. Some of my students have become among the bestselling authors in the world.

But I want to do more, and I want to make it affordable.

The introductory price for this program will be just $33 per month,” Dave Farland.

“So, let’s review: The price for auditing My courses alone would be over $2200 for the year, but you’ll get all of them, plus gain access to:

All for $200 for three year access, or $5 per month!

So what are you waiting for? Your writing career starts now!”

Why Is the Price So Low?

I am making the price so low that a few people have wondered if this is actually some kind of weird scam where I give away great information for next to nothing. Why so low on the prices?  I want to get to know as many writers as I can as fast as I can. So I’m selling the best introductory package I can make at cost. Believe me, when you see how much you love this, I will have even better secrets to share with you in the near future, you can expect the same quality of information and fair prices.”

Look I’m Going to Be Straight With You for A Minute

About every second person in the United States alone dreams of writing a book someday, getting it published and getting on the New York Times Bestseller List. If you study writing, practice and actually write the book the difference between you and all of them is that you will have studied writing, practiced and actually written the book while they did nothing. Now here’s your chance to do all that for only $33 per month (assuming you go through in one year) and learn from the master—someone who knows how to write bestseller after bestseller and has taught hundreds of other people to do the same. Someone who has a formula that works in any genre.

But it will still be up to you to take all the material David gives you and read it or watch it and apply it to your writing to make a difference for you. You might ask, “If he has taught hundreds why then does he only have a handful of high powered testimonials and a few dozen super-successful authors he has taught?”

Like Jesus asked when he healed ten lepers and one returned to give thanks, “Were not ten healed, but where are the nine?” Ninety percent forget to give credit where it is due. And most of the rest only give credit when you track them down and ask them to. It’s a very rare person who will stand up and testify that someone helped them get to the top. That someone along the way taught them how to do it and how to hone their talent. Most successful people prefer to believe, at least a little, in Social Darwinism, that they through some innate ability are worth all those millions they are earning per year, and because of that they have naturally risen to the top.

The truth is rather that they are following a formula which can be learned and taught and then applied with writing talent to tell great stories in any genre over and over again because people can’t get enough of stories and we pay for them and applaud them and revere the story tellers. David Farland is skilled beyond any other human being at conveying to your mind that process of storytelling. The only question is, are you going to learn from him for a measly $33 per month, or are you going to waste your life away trying to figure it out on your own and maybe get partway there or maybe not.

Be smart, learn from the master, then apply your own talent to the writing process create your own unique voice in the world.

Is it Worth 200 Dollars or 200 Million?

Moreover, there is a problem between disseminating great wisdom and actually applying it. This is great information. Don’t let the price fool you. It is worth over $2,200.00 per month and if you were paying that for it, you would be certain to instill every bit of it into every fiber of your being and become a great writer.

Writers are making multi-millions of dollars per year following the advice that is given in these documents—what is that worth to you? If you knew for a 100% certainty that you would one day be earning 33 million dollars in two-years because of this information, would you be willing to pay that much for it to get to where you were earning that kind of money? Of course, because it would be an investment in your future. Authors who have taken these courses and given testimonials herein literally ARE making that much money and more off their book sales alone!

But because you are getting it for a steal—only $33, will you be so foolish as to ignore it? Many foolish, would-be writers will buy this and let it sit there unused, unread, because it only cost $33. If it had cost $2,200 per month, they would have watched and read it and become someone great.

I caution you, be certain to treat it like it is worth the fantastic value it has, not the paltry price you paid, and learn all you can from it. Become the great writer that is you.

Invest in Your Future Today

You get all the pages and pages of above writing secrets that has made millions of dollars per year for writers for $33 and it’s yours to study for a year. If that’s not a great deal, I don’t know what could be better. These are materials that people pay literally thousands of dollars to obtain.

They are from the greatest teacher of storytellers on the planet. The creator of bestselling authors himself.

You will likely never see another opportunity like this in your lifetime. This is probably your one and only chance to jump on this phenomenal product and get it for yourself and it happens to be at a price that is inconsequential. It’s the equivalent of going out for hamburgers or tacos. How much thought do you give that? Yet you have put probably twenty times the time into thinking this over already. Don’t give it another minute. Just sign up and be done with it.

The cost is nothing, the benefit for you could mean everything.

You won’t learn in 4 years of college writing courses what you will in your first few months with this, but this costs $33, meanwhile college costs an unbelievable amount of money nowadays. And college can never take you where this will. David knows, he started out there too.

What else are you going to do—buy a book on how to get published? That costs about the same, from someone who is not as qualified as David, and trust me, I saw David’s book collection years ago. He had read every book ever written on writing back then. He can read a good-sized book in a matter of minutes. Keeping up is nothing for him. The fact is, most new books might only contain one or two original thoughts on their subject. A book that contains much more than that is usually a rare jewel and becomes quite famous. Word gets around and everyone reads it. The point is, why buy a book when you can get many times more for the same price from David?

Any way you look at it, if you want to learn the skill of “writing to get published,” this offer is not only the best way to do it, but also by far the cheapest and most certain.

What’s There to Think About

Do you really have to ponder this much over whether you’re going to spend $33? Which writing award have you always dreamed of winning? Can you see yourself getting out of your seat at an awards ceremony after your name is called and you’re all dressed up and you float up to the podium, and they announce the name of your book?

Or maybe for you it’s simpler than that… You just go grocery shopping at the supermarket and as you walk past the paperback section you notice there is a big display of your new book out and as you are standing fifteen feet away observing it, there is a lady in front of it picking up one of the books and she looks at your picture on the back cover and then at you, then at the picture, then at you and she smiles and waves to you and you maybe blush a little.

It’s simple. Either you are willing to invest a tiny amount into your writing education and your future, or you never really shared the dream. So again, I ask, what is there to think about?

Get the course now.

Failing to Act Now is Failing Yourself—Not Me

I have 300,000,000 prospects and I only need a few thousand. If you don’t step up, there are plenty of other people to offer this to. The fact is, I will probably never contact you again. If you don’t act, it doesn’t matter to me, but it sure does matter to you. A whole world of what could have been goes out the window forever.

So, I’m going to sweeten the pot for you just a little. I’m going to give you one more thing. If you buy right now, today only, I will include at no additional cost the following:

FREE Bonus for Signing Up Now

Publishing in 2020

The publishing world is volatile and changing quickly. In this lecture series, Dave talks about how to pursue a career as a traditionally published author versus an Indie author or a hybrid author.

Publishing in 2020 will help you avoid all sorts of common mistakes made with publishers. It’s vital in today’s market and is something all new writers need, or old writers trying new publishing avenues.

You only get this most important bonus if you sign up now.