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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

If David Farland’s Team see’s that you’ve purchased the same course twice, we’ll refund one of them. If you don’t get the refund, feel free to contact us about it here.


David Farland can teach most people to how to write publishable fiction, as long as they have the motivation and work ethic for it.

The Story Puzzle and Rewriting to Greatness will specifically help you with plotting. David Farland’s book Million Dollar Outlines is required reading and will also help you take your story to the next level.

While David Farland’s courses focus primarily on novel writing, David has worked on several screenplays and worked as a greenlight analyst in Hollywood, so he can provide professional feedback. The courses can be tailored for screenplays.

These workshops were made specifically for novel writing, but they can be tailored for short stories. David Farland started his career by writing prize-winning short stories. Today he judges the largest worldwide fantasy and science fiction short story contest, Writers of the Future, so he is more than able to help you out with short stories.

Some authors feel that the best way to improve as a writer is to start with a fresh story instead of trying to fix old stories. Many writers, however, have found success from improving old manuscripts or expanding their short stories. David Farland himself wrote his first novel by expanding his short story “On My Way to Paradise”. Likewise, all of Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Games novels stemmed from one of his short stories.

What the former authors are really saying is “Don’t keep rewriting the same short story for ten years. Start something new.”

David holds the conference calls on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings, MST. If that doesn’t work for you, please contact him.

David Farland has several writing books. He recommends you purchase a copy of his Million Dollar Outlines. You can also check out his Write that Novel.

Sometimes we offer deals or coupons. Watch for them on the My Story Doctor site or on David Farland’s Facebook page or at conventions and writing conferences. If you need to pay in installments, contact David Farland to see if something can be worked out.


The Story Puzzle is probably the best course to start with because it guides you through the brainstorming and prewriting phase of writing a novel. But if you already have some or all of your novel written, you might want to look into other courses.

What is Apex going to look like going forward/What is the five-year goal?

We will continue the writing classes, expand the website, and look to expand the community. We will work on bringing in more students. Trainings and teachings will focus on growing individual talents for whatever type of publication you hope to excel in.

Will the videos always be here?

Yes, on Teachable, the ones on site will stay but all new material will be uploaded onto teachable.

How do I find a subject on the Website?

The Apex Forum discusses most topics and for members is the hub to bring questions forward. Visitors should all be visiting Mystorydoctor.com. Apex has everything Mystorydoctor has and more, as it’s a member-only site. Mystorydoctor is a funnel for leading potential members to join our growing community.

Where do I start?

Mystorydoctor holds basic information while the Apex website will house all information. Further questions can be found in the FAQ or posting the question in the Apex forum.

Is Apex about self-publishing or traditional publishing?

Apex is about the individual learning all they can of the writing industry through a community. In Apex you can hone your own techniques, develop an author voice, network, and implement what you intake into whatever career path you choose. That could be self-publishing, traditional publishing, screenplays, videogame scripting, etc.

When are the strategy sessions?

Monday at 5:30pm Mountain-Time.

When are the guest speakers session?

Monday at 7pm, Saturday 8am Mountain-Time.

Are the audio versions of the class available?

We have video available for the recorded classes and will work toward making audio files available for listening as well

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