Dream up Strong Story Ideas

Dream up Strong Story Ideas

Strong story ideas make strong stories. Is the idea for your story worth writing about? As a storyteller, I make my living as a tour guide of sorts, escorting my audience through vivid dreams. As a guide, I create the setting, with its landscape, history and its wonders. I may suggest entire cultures with imaginary […]

Is Your Story’s Concept Broken?

Every story begins with an idea. The idea may come to you while listening to a song, driving a car, or reading a newspaper. You might be the kind of person who gets a dozen story ideas a day, or maybe they come to you rarely. The question is, how do you know if your […]

Standing Out

A writer who has just begun brainstorming a novel wrote to me today.  He had an idea for a book, but while doing some research discovered that it had already been written.  What should he do?  Write it anyway, or look for a new idea?  This is a complex question.  I have another friend who […]

Writing the Impossible

When I fell in love with the idea of writing, it was after reading my favorite novel of all time. I thought, “I want to write stories like that,” not realizing how big my dream really was. You see, when I meet new authors, I almost always find that they hope to write great works, […]