The KAV Cycle, Part 1

Each of us is accustomed to taking in information, to learning, in our own way.  Some people learn things by doing.  For example, a mechanic might learn how to use his hands to manipulate wrenches and screwdrivers so that he can tear apart a car engine, virtually in the dark.  While another person might find […]

The Perfect Story: Engrossing the Reader

It almost would seem to go without saying that a perfect story would be engrossing.  Yet I find that rather than just enumerate the virtue, I need to explain a little about how that is done. Have you ever read a story that you just could not put down?  Have you ever read a story […]

Touching Your Audience Deeply through Viewpoint

My friend James Dashner has his movie The Scorch Trials out this week, and the audiences are loving it overall, but I suspect that if you listen in to the viewers as they come out of the theatre, you will hear the comment over and over, “The book was better.” I was just talking a […]

Types of Transport

When the movie Avatar came out, I went to see it and wrote a little review on it. I said then that it transported its viewer to another world better than any previous science fiction film—and that because of that, it would be considered by many youngsters to be the “best science fiction film of […]