David Farland’s Writing Tips—Giving Readers Hope

Nearly every novel shows a character with a big conflict. Sometimes conflicts are so vast that the tale is overwhelming. But readers must somehow muddle through those tough times, and what is going on in the reader’s life will affect how much they can handle in a novel. Is your reader’s mother dying from cancer? […]

Pros of Getting Your Books Turned Into Movies

Many authors dream of seeing their books turned into films, but for some, it’s a nightmare.

After all, filmmakers tend to take liberties with an author’s story, often making changes that seem detrimental to the tale just to “make it their own.”

Maxing Out Your Readership

Certain books don’t just sell well, they sell far more copies than there it would seem that they have audience members. They aren’t just hits, they become a “phenomenon.” You know their names: Harry Potter, Twilight, 50 Shades, etc. Before Harry Potter was released, I’d read an article talking about the Goosebumps novels. Analysts believed […]

What Are Your Best Practices?

The art and craft of writing is mysterious. Why does one thing work for Joan and not for Dave? That’s a good question. My son Forrest helps counsel writers who are having problems, and a few weeks ago he mentioned something that he’d noticed. Time and again, he’d talk to authors who had been on […]

Career Management

I hate to say this, but even before you begin writing your first book, maybe you should be thinking about career management. As you begin your writing career, one of the very first questions you need to ask yourself is, “Is there a large enough audience for my first book so that it could help […]

Writing Under Duress

When a writer sits down to compose, the less stress he feels, the better. Every writer knows this. When you’re writing, you sit down and try to go into a trancelike state where you see, hear, smell, feel, think, and do what your protagonist does. It requires a great deal of focus. But the more […]

Make Readers Happy

Today is the 21st day that I’ve been in a self-imposed quarantine. I spent yesterday coughing and hacking. It had nothing to do with the Covid-19 virus, everything to do with spring. I’ve had several emails from people this week asking if this was a good time to write about a pandemic. The answer is, […]

Aim for Profundity

For some authors, it is enough to try to make big bucks, but most of us would like to deliver a powerful message at times, too—something that carries extra meaning in our lives, something profound. Doctors studying the neuro-science of storytelling go so far as to suggest that a story doesn’t really work unless it […]

Balancing Productivity and Art

If you are producing anything—toy dolls, bread, vacuum cleaners, or novels—there are some variables that you have to work with. Ideally, a publisher would like you to bring them in 1) quickly, 2) beautifully written, 3) and at a low price. But buyers will almost always be willing to make trade-offs. Your goal is to […]


Once I was rewriting a scene, listening closely to the sound and rhythm of the words in a passage, looking for ways to strengthen it, and it made me wonder: how many new writers take the proper care with their words? How many truly listen? There are a number of ways to show that you’re […]