David Farland’s Hourglass of Evil

david farland's hourglass of evil storytelling tool

Unveiling the Hourglass of Evil: A Powerful Writing for Captivating Storytelling Tool unveiling crack of doom and data storytelling tools captivating storytelling Very often, when you’re preparing to plot a novel and feel bereft of ideas, you can look at other books and find interesting approaches and techniques for storytelling that might be of help.  […]

A Proofreader in Your Pocket

A Proofreader in Your Pocket

A Proofreader in Your Pocket A Guest Post by Nikolas Baron from Grammarly Do you enjoy editing and proofreading your own work? If you’re like most writers, self-editing is a slog—but it doesn’t have to be. You can use an automated proofreading tool, such as the popular program Grammarly, to supplement your self-editing process. There […]

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