How To Get Over Your Writer's Block in an Hour

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Some authors never get “Writer’s Block,” and they don’t believe that it exists. writer’s block bookstore

writer’s block bookstore

Ten years ago, I believed the same.

Then an agent called and asked me to hurry up and get a book turned in—the last novel in my Runelords series. I’ll be honest, he called at a really bad time. I got writer’s block for that book right after and it stuck with me for five years.

My son Forrest had begun studying neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and had recently gotten his master practitioner certificate, and he said, “Oh, I can get you over your writer’s block, easy.”

I thought, Sure. I’ve been carrying this around for five years, and you think you can cure me like that?

Now, I knew the science behind NLP, and it sounded reasonable. NLP is a therapy that uses specific language to change your “mental software.” It will help you change, adapt, or eliminate certain behaviors. It eradicates negative emotions that we associate with a situation, such as anger, sadness, guilt and fear. But it also still preserves the lessons we learned.

One of the reassuring parts about NLP is knowing that you are in control. You aren’t being put under hypnosis or anything. The NLP coach just guides you through the process.

Forrest coached me through an exercise, and in fifteen minutes, he cured me. Not only did I feel like I could write the last Runelords novel, I was so excited by it, that I wanted to throw everything else aside—little things like eating and sleeping—and get to work on it immediately.

Since then, he has helped several of my writing students overcome their writer’s block, too.

Most sessions only take an hour, and if you don’t notice any changes, you get your money back. Please note, however, that in a handful of cases the negative emotions are about more serious things than writing and might require a few more follow-up sessions. NLP can also help with building relationships, health and fitness, overcoming depression, career and finances—really, any part of your life.

If you’re interested, just click below for this special introductory sale offer of only $249 for the first hour of therapy, and Forrest will contact you. Most sessions are handled over Zoom or over the phone. You’ll be contact by Forrest Wolverton, NLP Master Practitioner from Clear Path Coaching, LLC

Note that if you find that you wish more than one hour, you are welcome to purchase additional hours in the same way.

writers block


I am extremely happy to say that I completed my outline within one week from my first NLP session. I wrote for five hours two days after the session and I kept writing throughout the week. I have now handed my outline in and I could not be happier with the success I have had with NLP. If you are suffering from writers or a creativity block then I highly recommend Forrest Wolverton to help you move past whatever event has been holding you back from attaining your highest potential.
Selina Shapland
Forrest’s help was like a miracle. My writer’s block is gone.
Chris Minch
I really appreciated the exercises [Forrest] took me through and the way [he] led me to experience success again. I wouldn’t have been able to get there on my own so quickly. Not only am I enjoying my work again, but I have some tools, if I get stuck in the future. I will name one of the characters in my book after [him]!
I had my NLP session with Forrest to help with my writing block. By asking the right questions, he quickly and easily discovered the reason to why I start writing and then stop in the middle without ever finishing. Then he started clearing that block. We worked through it and when we were done it felt like a lead weight had been lifted off of me. The really exciting news is I have written almost every day since and I’m eager to write where before I kept having more and more excuses why I wouldn’t, couldn’t and didn’t want to write......Thanks Forrest!!! You’re the best!!
Debi Copfer
I’m encouraged about my writing productivity and future in this business now. I’m absolutely amazed at all the buried demons that have surfaced for me during the attempted writing of this novel. . . . It’s a hero’s journey for me, and I think I just passed through the hardest part Joseph Campbell’s cycle…thanks to your web article on NLP and Forrest’s work. So, THANKS!
Jeff Kasuni