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Meet Your New Writing Mentor, David Farland.

As one of the world’s foremost writing instructors, an international and New York Times Bestselling author himself, over the past 30 years David Farland has trained hundreds of successful authors, including #1 New York Times bestsellers such as:


Dave has won numerous awards for his writing including:

  • Phillip K. Dick Memorial Special Award
  • Hollywood Book Festival, “Book of the Year”
  • International Book Award, Best Young Adult Novel
  • Whitney Award, “Best Book of the Year” 


In addition to writing and teaching, Dave Farland

  • Is lead judge for one of the world’s largest writing contests
  • Worked as a Hollywood greenlighting analyst
  • Worked as a designer for one of the popular video games, Starcraft: Broodwar
  • Broke the Guinness Record –World’s Largest Single-Author, Single-Book signing

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David’s online lectures and seminars are perfect for learning the art and skill of commercial storytelling, so that you can can become the writer you want to be!

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Superstars Writing Seminar

Superstars Writing Seminars was founded in 2010 and is unique among writing seminars. The curriculum is focused on teaching writers the business side of being successful in the publishing industry and mastering the writing craft. The instructors are chosen from the top of the industry and include Kevin J. Anderson, Eric Flint, Rebecca Moesta, James Owen, David Farland, and more!

Online Writing Workshops

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From 1999 to 2002, David Farland taught a popular science fiction and fantasy writing class at Brigham Young University. Some of his students from those classes went on to make millions. Brandon Sanderson took it twice and has become one of the bestselling writers of our time. Dan Wells also took it, and he became one of the bestselling writers of dark fantasy of the past three decades. Stephenie Meyer took it and asked in a private consultation “How do I write the bestselling young adult novel of all time?” The book she devised has sold over 100 million copies in 37 different languages.

Master writing

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These workshops will make your work truly shine. Receive expert advice and personal feedback from Dave himself with in-person or online interactions. With a variety of workshops Dave will help you with things like character development, outlining, story structure, worldbuilding–including the creation of new planets, life forms, political and economic systems, conflict creation and more.

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Many new writers struggle with characterization. If you’re trained in the literary mainstream, you’re taught that stories are about characters. In other words, the character is the “focus” of the story. That’s simply not true. Some stories do focus on characters, but many of the best tales don’t.

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