In this class, you will learn why you need to become your own editor, and you’ll get an overview of the editorial process. You’ll learn why it’s important to make multiple passes while editing, and we’ll show you how to approach your edit.

Acquisitions Editing. You’ll learn first how to look at your work the way that an acquisitions editor might—as a work of art with a marketable value. You’ll also learn how to make your novel more sellable.

Content Editing. We’ll go into various facets of content editing, during which you will learn the “triage editing” approach to editing. You’ll then examine each individual character, conflict, setting, and scene of your novel and look at ways to enhance it. Once you’ve analyzed your novel, you’ll devise an action plan, where you create a list of things to do in your rewrite.

Line Editing. Next you’ll learn begin to learn how to line edit. We’ll have you read one book on line editing, (and recommend some other resources), perform some editing exercises, and then have you line edit your own novel.

Syllabic Editing. We’ll then teach you how to do a “syllabic edit” and have you perform a final edit.