3 Tips that Strengthen Middles

writing the middle of your book

While writing the middle of a story usually isn’t as tricky as the beginning, for many authors, the middle can start to sag if they aren’t careful. Previously we went over three problems that come up with middles. Today we are back to add three tips to keep your middle interesting. 1. Vary Your Story […]

How Should You Write Emotion?

How to write emotion

As we write, I suspect that we try to express the world as we see it. In other words, those who are emotionally dead inside will portray protagonists who are very much like themselves, while those who are emotionally charged will try to portray people with rich and powerful interior lives, and both can be a problem.

Writing Emotions

I’m not sure, but I suspect that writers and other artists tend to be emotionally volatile. In part, I believe that we create in order to try to express ourselves using heightened communication—our art. Yet there is a danger in trying too hard to express emotions. Let me explain. . . . If you look […]

Writing the Perfect Story, Part 2

Earlier, I talked about one attribute that the perfect story will display—honesty.  You can’t layer a tale with a thin veneer of factoids and give it the verisimilitude that it needs to be a “perfect” story.  Nor can you skimp on your plotting and characterization and hope to arouse a stunning emotional response. Today I […]