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The Value of a Tagline

When you’re writing a screenplay or a book, one of the first things that a writer may do is create a tagline. This is a single line that describes the work, defining it in some way, and is usually used in advertising a film. For example, in the classic movie Alien, the tagline was “In

Are You Writing a Book, or a Movie?

In his book on screenwriting, George Lucas briefly discusses the difference in approach between writing a movie or a book. Since this question lies at the heart of so many problems that I see with new writers, I want to get into it a bit more deeply. As Lucas points out, with a movie, the

Writing Under Duress

When a writer sits down to compose, the less stress he feels, the better. Every writer knows this. When you’re writing, you sit down and try to go into a trancelike state where you see, hear, smell, feel, think, and do what your protagonist does. It requires a great deal of focus. But the more

Be Patient

Every author is impatient for good news. We’re all working toward something. You might be working toward your first sale, or maybe it’s your next novel contract. You might be trying to get a movie deal, or perhaps land on the New York Times bestseller list. That’s the way that it should be. You should

Don’t Stress Out!

I’m writing a little series of tips about writer’s block. One form of writer’s block comes from being stressed. This is almost always a temporary condition, and there are ways to work around it, but much depends on the source of your stress. Let’s say for example that you have set aside your Saturday mornings

The Heart of Your Story

I was asked to read a screenplay several years ago. It opened with two minutes during which it explained what a common household device was, showing how it was made in a factory. Then for three more minutes it had characters eating breakfast, talking about their cultural heritage. I began to wonder when the story


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Writing Stories that Transform Readers, Part 2

Two weeks ago, I mentioned that I was going to write a series about how the best stories don’t just entertain readers, they also transform them, helping them to grow intellectually and emotionally. The story takes the reader through a vicarious journey, where the reader’s identity merges with that of a protagonist, so the reader

Wearing Your Cape

When we were little kids, the world seemed full of endless possibilities. My mom told me that I could grow up to be a president or a fighter pilot or anything that I wanted. Since all of my superheroes wore capes—Superman, Batman, Zorro—all I had to do was wrap a towel over my shoulders, and

Developing Charisma

Over the past three decades I’ve helped a number of writers reach the point where they’ve become international bestsellers, and I’ve spotted a trend. Most bestsellers attract an audience in part because they are charismatic. But what does charismatic mean? Some people think that in order to be charismatic you need to be physically beautiful,