Being Prolific


How to make a living as an author. Being prolific is not something I think about, but it is something I can teach.

Apex Writers Presents Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn

Over at www.apex-writers.com, we have special guests that join us biweekly to share their expertise. Today’s special guest clip comes from Joanna Penn who speaks to us on making money as an author. Joanna Penn helps authors make a living writing through her bestselling books, courses and podcast. She’s an award-winning entrepreneur, international professional speaker […]

How to Win Writing Contests—and Big Publishing Contracts

how to win

THE ONE WITH ALL THE LISTS When I was in college, I wrote a story and—on the advice of my professor—entered it into a competition. It won third place, and as I considered my fifty dollars, I realized that I had made over twice the minimum wage writing that story. So I wondered, “If I […]

Learning to Write vs Becoming a Writer

So as I considered this problem, it struck me that as a writing instructor, I wanted to begin doing more than just teaching people how to write: I wanted to teach them how to be writers. We’ve been working at it with our Apex Writers Group for about ten months now, and I’m gratified with the success. One of our authors wrote just a couple of weeks ago: “After twelve years, I finally wrote ‘The End’ on my first novel manuscript, thanks to the Daily Sprints on Apex.” Another author finished his first book after 8 years. Others were only two or three.

David Farland’s Writing Tips: On Nurturing Writers

This week I celebrate a kind of anniversary. Thirteen years ago, in the first week of October, I started this blog. Originally it was going to be a daily blog, “David Farland’s Daily Kick in the Pants,” with the goal of helping to inspire and train writers. I kept it up daily for two years, […]

A Screenwriter Wins at Prose Fiction Writing

I wrote my million words of crap blissfully unaware of the “rules.” [My novella] was the first piece of writing I actually submitted to a traditional SFF market. That quarter I had an honorable mention. I subscribed to Dave’s newsletter in May 2010 when it was still called Daily Kicks. Until then, I had written […]

A Writer’s Guide to Stalking Opportunity

My arm shook over the mouse button in apprehension. A single shot, a single click, was all I had to turn this hard-sought opportunity into success. What if I wasn’t ready? Had I studied enough? What if I’d played it safe? Was I unoriginal? Hell, anything but that! Amazing opportunities don’t knock on our doors. […]

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