David Farland's Writing Tips

Attributions in Dialog

Writing clear dialog isn’t hard to do, but many new writers—and some old ones—make some pretty simple mistakes. Here are a few things to be wary of and that you should know.

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Horse Racing

It may seem that there is an element of luck to this business. I won’t deny that. I often hear people compare it to a horse race.

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I’ve said before that every story should have an emotional payoff. Yet far too often, I read stories where the payoff is weaker than it should be, or it isn’t there at all.

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How to write style and tone

Three Mistakes in Tone

One of the most common problems I see with new writers is a “mistake in tone.” You know what I mean if you’ve ever played in a band. A new kid comes in, you’re trying to play a song, and he blats out a sour note on a trumpet. The same thing happens in writing.

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Surprises and Revelations

6 Ways to Add Surprise to Your Writing Hollywood loves a “reveal.” That’s a moment where a bit of information that has been withheld from the audience is suddenly revealed onscreen. You’ve seen it a hundred times in the movies, often handled poorly. In the latest movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, the director opens with a tedious

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Creating Incredible Characters

If you’ve been participating in NaNoWriMo this year (It’s never too late to start!), or even if you’re a Dungeon Master trying to create NPC’s, I’m sure you’ve noticed that creating characters can be difficult. Thankfully, I can help.

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Super Writers’ Tuesday- Finding the Motivation to Write

Today I’ll answer a question about finding motivation. Are you looking for more motivation to write for NaNoWriMo? Come join us at www.apex-writers.com to learn more! Want to see your question answered? Leave a comment on the Youtube page and receive words of wisdom from NYT Bestselling author David Farland. If you’d like more motivation read this post on turning

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