6 Ways to Spot a Fake Review

6 ways to spot a fake review

I sometimes wonder what God would say if He were to release new commandments to writers. I think that the first commandment might be something like this:
Thou shalt not post fake reviews of novels that thou hast not read.

Dealing with Fraud

Dealing with Fraud

Do you know a phony when you meet one? In the world of writing a publishing it can be hard to know if a deal is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, so here are three ways to help you deal with fraud.

How to Attract an Editor

how to attract an editor

When you as an author are looking for a publisher, you need to know the hierarchy of a company. When you meet an editor, you need to know, “Am I talking to a real decision-maker here, or am I wasting my time?”

Getting Great “Word of Mouth” Advertising

word of mouth book advertising

as authors, all of us want to get great word of mouth advertising. It is easily the least expensive form of advertising—since it costs you nothing—and the most productive form of advertising, since it comes in the form of testimonials from people that you know, and trust, and who are more or less a lot like you.

11 Things You Want When Choosing a Publisher

Most authors don’t think about “choosing” a publisher. Most authors send out manuscripts, sometimes rather blindly, in the hopes that a good publisher will choose them. 

But think about this. Before a publisher can respond to your manuscript, you have to initiate the contact. You’ll never get a good publishing deal without first choosing to send the manuscript out in the first place.

For most authors, the publisher might just be a name that they see on a list. The author doesn’t necessarily know if the publisher is a good one, a great one, or a terrible publisher—and publishers do run the gamut from fantastic to mediocre and down into terrible and hellish.

A Guide to Finding Literary Agents

In the United States, there is no government regulation on literary agents. Someone who calls himself an agent may be a godsend—or your worst nightmare. Searching for literary agents can be tough, and the job is made tougher because most authors go about it in the wrong way. They very often look at listings of […]