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Hundreds of novelists point to ONE MAN as the “secret sauce” behind their success.

Learn the secrets master novelists use to write best-sellers…

  • Brainstorm your world, characters, and conflicts 
  • Outline the plot scene by scene
  • Plot for maximum impact
  • Compose mesmerizing fiction
  • Market to a wide audience
  • Edit like a pro
  • Traditionally Publish–learn how to get started
  • Self-publishing for beginners
  • Staying motivated
  • Unique System for Finding Publishers, Editors and Agents
  • The Business of Writing
  • 4 Bestselling Books on Writing
  • And More!

By International and New York Times Bestselling Author David Farland

Million Dollar Outlines Book
Drawing on the power of resonance in writing
Blockbuster Book Signings! Book
Writing Wonder Book

Get 15 writing courses and 4 books, normally $6,749.

Now $1997

Over a hundred of David Farland’s past students have gone on to become bestsellers, including twelve who have hit #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list, including:

  • Brandon Sanderson (Wheel of Time & The Way of Kings)
  • J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter)
  • James Dashner (The Maze Runner)
  • Stephenie Meyer (Twilight)
  • any many more…

These courses are designed to teach you what he has taught other best-sellers!

Bundle Contents​

Advanced Story Puzzle Course

1. The Advanced Story Puzzle: How to Brainstorm and Outline a Bestseller (Prev Sold For $980)

Creating a story is like putting a puzzle together, one with missing or misleading pieces. 

Learn how to recognize what pieces of your story you have (such as characters, scenes, or conflicts), determine what pieces are still missing, and fashion the pieces you need. 

How to create imaginative settings that can give birth to incredible societies and characters, plus how to take those characters’ cores and generate enthralling conflicts for your plot. 

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Writing Enchanted Prose

2. Writing Enchanted Prose (Prev Sold For $980)

You’ve read stories that absolutely swept you away into another world, stories that made you forget you were reading and ultimately left you changed. 

This course is designed to teach you how to capture your reader’s imagination and keep them enthralled through your entire novel. 

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Writing Mastery 1 Course

3. Writing Mastery 1 (Prev Sold For $980)

What are the nine most common weaknesses that keep new authors from publishing successfully? 

This course will help you identify these problems and overcome them, strengthening your own writing through education and practice. 

Each topic is addressed in a taped lesson, followed by learning material, recommended reading, and a writing assignment. Learn to take your writing from “okay” to “powerful” and then “mesmerizing” in this first Writing Mastery course.

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Writing Mastery 2 by David Farland

4. Writing Mastery 2 (Prev Sold For $980)

In Writing Mastery 2, the focus will be on your story, which means that you will spend more time brainstorming scenes and working to build your story as a whole. 

Many of these exercises are designed to help you see your story in a new way, brainstorm new scenes, and then begin writing them, so that you build on the existing framework of your novel. 

Settings that can give birth to incredible societies and characters, plus how to take those characters’ cores and generate enthralling conflicts for your plot.


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Promising Starts writing course by david farland

5. Promising Starts (Prev Sold For $590)


For most people, starting well is a struggle.


The new author is faced with many tasks: introducing their world, characters, and building his story. 


This workshop will help guide you through writing that difficult opening.

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Magnificent Middles Course by David Farland

6. Magnificent Middles (Prev Sold For $980)

For many writers, the most difficult part of a novel to write is the middle.

Even professionals who outline well will often find that at the midpoint, they tend to second-guess their work, sit back and analyze their opening, consider their ending, and try to figure out how to get there in a way that will be entertaining and powerful.

This course will help you organize your thoughts before you begin writing.

You’ll learn about characterization, settings, types of conflicts, plotting the middles of a novel, and types of plotting tools that you can use to strengthen the middle of the novel.

Rewriting to Greatness Writing Course by David Farland

 7. Rewriting to Greatness (Prev Sold For $980)

In this workshop you will learn why you need to become your own editor, and you’ll get an overview of the editorial process. 

Why it’s important to make multiple passes while editing, 

Learn some of the best tools to guide you as you revise your novel.

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Powerful Endings Writing Course

8. Powerful Endings (Prev Sold For $680)

New to this bundle! When an author delivers a powerful ending, readers will take notice of the author’s name–and put them on their “to read” list. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to structure the ending, create an exciting “reversal,” and write cascading scenes that create an “emotional symphony” for the reader and lead to powerful complex.

9. Publishing Today (Prev Sold For $297)

Many new writers put together a great book proposal, then send it to a lousy agent or publisher. 

By doing that, they may set their own career back by 5 years. So in this seminar, I talk about how to vet agents and publishers, how to meet them, and basically get a leg up on a stellar career. 

Just as importantly, I’ll give advice to help you decide whether to go Indie, because in some genres, you might not even want a publisher, and getting one could hurt your career.

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WorldBuilding Writing course by David Farland

 10. The Worldbuilding Seminar (Prev Sold For $297)

In every genre, the works at the very top of the all-time bestseller list tend to be those where the author has spent time to develop a unique and compelling world. 

In this series of seven lectures, Dave will talk about some of the elements of worldbuilding that you should explore.

Kickstarting your Writing Career

11. Kickstart Your Writing Career (Prev Sold For $199)

Dave helped numerous authors hit the New York Times Bestseller lists, so one of his most frequent questions is “How can I break into writing quickly?” 

In this series of lectures, Dave talks about some of the steps you need to take in order to build a successful career as a writer. 

This goes especially well with his book Million Dollar Book Signings, also included in this bundle.

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Writing for Young Adult and Middle Grade course by David Farland

12. Writing for YA and MG Seminar (Prev Sold For $997)

Dave helped launch the careers of or train such notable writers as J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Brandon Sanderson, and James Dashner. 
Many of these people write for the middle-grade and young adult genres, audiences which have their own particular needs. 
Learn about special considerations for these audiences and tells why they can be so hard to break into, but also so lucrative.
Recharge Your Creative Batteries Writing Course

13. Recharge Your Creative Batteries Seminar (Prev Sold For $580)

Every writer gets tired at times and feels that he has hit a creative block. 

In these lessons, Dave talks about how to combat that fatigue and get excited about your art once again.

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Heinlein Rules Seminar

14. Heinlein’s Rules (Prev Sold For $97)

More than 65 years ago, Robert Heinlein gave a few simple rules about how to approach your writing career. 

The advice is considered timeless, but a few things have changed since then, and maybe it’s time for some revision.


Five Tips for Writing to a Massive Audience Writing Course by David Farland

15. Five Tips for Writing to a Massive Audience (Prev Sold For $490)

In this course we will explore how to expand our writing to appeal to more than just one type of person.

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318R Course

FREE BONUS: 318R Writing Course (Prev Sold For $997) 

Super Writers' Bundle Books

million dollar outlines


Million Dollar Outlines ($30)

Many writers can tell you how to outline, or not, but in this #1 Amazon bestseller, Dave takes it several steps further by helping you decide not just how to outline a novel, but how to create one that will become a bestseller.



writing wonder


Writing Wonder ($30)

From the time when children first began gathering around campfires, we have been seeking tales of wonder–the feeling you get when something is strange and exciting. 

Most of the books we read are what I call “wonder literature”, yet writing wonder is a lesson seldom taught. 

This book will delve into what “wonder literature” truly means and how to increase the level of wonder in your novel.


million dollar book signings

Million Dollar Book Signings ($30)

Million Dollar Book Signings will tell you everything you need to know to make your signings a success. 

This insightful book includes: – Ideas for Alternative Venues – Effective Publicity Strategies – Optimal Dates and Seasons for Signings – A Checklist of Items to Bring and Tasks to Complete and more.

Whether you’re a new author or a seasoned one, throw a book signing that makes readers wanting more–morebooks, more of you and more signings.

Drawing on the Power of Resonance in Writing


Drawing on the Power of Resonance in Writing ($30)

Every genre of writing has a “secret language” that builds up around it, a way of presenting itself to the world. 

In this book, Dave helps you see the importance of learning how to resonate well with other books and films in your genre, while resonating with real-life experiences, so that your novel will garner an audience as big as the genre that you write in.






Dave’s team no longer offers this service along with these courses. We’ve become too busy and now offer the courses at a much lower price.

You can take your assignments to your local writing group or have a friend edit them.

It’s so important to me that this course provides value for you, so if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, just contact me in the first 30 days and I’ll give you a full refund. Just email: mystorydoctor@gmail.com

A couple of people have wondered if this is a scam. Why so low on the price? The answer is: I made this offer over the holidays last year and have had a number of people who have asked to get in on it, so we’re doing it one last time.

We currently don’t have a timeline, but the bundle can be pulled at any point, so we suggest you do not wait and miss out.

Yes! Take them from anywhere.


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