Attributions in Dialog

After negotiations

Writing clear dialog isn’t hard to do, but many new writers—and some old ones—make some pretty simple mistakes. Here are a few things to be wary of and that you should know.

Performing Your Tale

willy shakes

Many writers will recommend that as you edit your tale, you do a final read-through so that you can see how the story sounds.

Horse Racing

Horse Racing

It may seem that there is an element of luck to this business. I won’t deny that. I often hear people compare it to a horse race.


Buying Something In Euros Cash

I’ve said before that every story should have an emotional payoff. Yet far too often, I read stories where the payoff is weaker than it should be, or it isn’t there at all.

Three Mistakes in Tone

How to write style and tone

One of the most common problems I see with new writers is a “mistake in tone.” You know what I mean if you’ve ever played in a band. A new kid comes in, you’re trying to play a song, and he blats out a sour note on a trumpet. The same thing happens in writing.

Surprises and Revelations

Robo Present

6 Ways to Add Surprise to Your Writing Hollywood loves a “reveal.” That’s a moment where a bit of information that has been withheld from the audience is suddenly revealed onscreen. You’ve seen it a hundred times in the movies, often handled poorly. In the latest movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, the […]

Creating Incredible Characters

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If you’ve been participating in NaNoWriMo this year (It’s never too late to start!), or even if you’re a Dungeon Master trying to create NPC’s, I’m sure you’ve noticed that creating characters can be difficult. Thankfully, I can help.