David Farland's Writing Tips

Be Excited

The most productive writers, I’ve noticed, aren’t necessarily the ones with the most talent or the greatest skills. They may not be the most physically fit or even the most motivated. The most productive writers are the ones who get excited by their work.

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Writing the Impossible

When I fell in love with the idea of writing novels, it was after reading my favorite novel of all time. I thought, I want to write stories like that, not realizing how big my dream really was.

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Putting Emotional Twists in Your Tales

When you’re writing a book, it’s important to take control of your reader’s emotions. You do this by creating sounds, images, or actions. Each time you create an emotional experience, it’s called an emotional beat.

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Taking Criticism

An author has to take criticism as part of his job. That isn’t always easy. After all, if you get too much criticism, a couple of things happen.

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Dealing with Criticism

I’ve been talking about how to deal with criticism, and I’d like to talk a bit about how to deal with criticism that you disagree with. There are a lot of reasons that people will dislike your work that have nothing to do with your work.

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