David Farland's Writing Tips

How to Win Writing Contests—and Big Publishing Contracts

THE ONE WITH ALL THE LISTS When I was in college, I wrote a story and—on the advice of my professor—entered it into a competition. It won third place, and as I considered my fifty dollars, I realized that I had made over twice the minimum wage writing that story. So I wondered, “If I worked harder, could I win

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Cutting to the Heart of Your Story

5 Ways to Know You’ve Got a Good Scene Many times as an editor, I will look at a scene and ask myself: “Does this scene belong? Does it move the story along? Does it change the story in new and exciting ways?” Too often, the answer is, “No, it’s wasted text.” I recently looked at a novel that had

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Super Writers’ Tuesday is Getting an Upgrade!

https://youtu.be/NDGnNfhRL9M Have a question about writing?  See it answered each week on Super Writers’ Tuesday! If you have a question, leave it in the comments below! Today’s question is one I’ve received often;  How to Write a Protagonist In this video, I’ll tell you some of the best tips and tricks for writing a great hero, antihero, and protagonist for

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How Does Your Character Feel? Part Two

Your character will need to come from somewhere, and will be strongly influenced by family, friends, national agendas, religious leaders, and so on. In short, your character is, to some degree, partly a product of a much larger milieu.

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Powerful Endings Part One

The newest video series from NYT Bestselling author David Farland is Powerful Endings! Learn how to write that last 40% of your story. Why does Lord of the Rings have so many endings? Find out in this video series!

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