David Farland’s Online Classes Start on Saturday

Are you ready to push your writing to the next plateau? Here’s your chance: Dave will be starting two separate 10-week writing courses on March 2nd, but you may want to act now, since these won’t be available for another six months.

Registration for David Farland’s online classes, “The Advanced Story Puzzle,” along with “Writing Enchanting Prose” will end on Friday, March 1st.

In the “Advanced Story Puzzle,” Dave will teach you how to plot a novel with the focus on making it a bestseller. He’ll have you practice five different methods of plotting novels based upon the type of story you want to tell (heroic journey vs. mystery vs. internal growth story, etc.), so that the process of plotting becomes second nature.

In “Writing Enchanting Prose,” Dave teaches you how to create a fully immersive experience with your writing so that the reader doesn’t just follow your story, but feels as if he or she has “lived through” it.

Each course takes only a few hours per week for ten weeks, and the classroom exercises are devised so that you can work on your own novel.

But classroom sizes are limited, so you have to register soon in order to reserve your spot.

To learn more, go to http://mystorydoctor.com/online-workshops/


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