How perfect should my story be before I submit it?

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Today’s question comes from an Instagram user, “How perfect should my story be before I submit?”

As a writing instructor, Farland has mentored dozens who have gone on to staggering literary success, including such #1 New York Times Best-Sellers as Brandon Mull (Fablehaven), Brandon Sanderson (Wheel of Time), and Stephenie Meyer (Twilight).

Farland also judges L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future, one of the largest worldwide writing competitions for new fantasy and science fiction authors. The contest has helped discover and launch many authors into professional careers, with nearly 100 new science fiction and fantasy books released in just the last year.

Now Dave introduces Apex-Writers Group, an online writing community dedicated to helping you make money and reach the Apex of your writing career quickly.

Whether you want to break into the publishing field, level up to bestseller, or begin selling more books than you’ve ever imagined, in Apex you’ll find advanced writing classes, motivational tools, and a support community.

Week of October 18
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Troy Lambert is a freelance writer, author, editor, and publisher who has written over two-dozen books including ghostwriting projects, is a freelance writer, content strategist, ghostwriter, publisher, and occasional editor.

Rachel Ann Nunes is a #1 bestselling author of Christian fiction who also writes science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal mysteries under the name Teyla Branton and mainstream contemporary romance under the name Rachel Branton.
Live and past recorded Apex Calls are one of the many membership benefits that are included with your subscription at https://www.apex-writers.com/

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