Powerful Endings Part One

Powerful Endings

The newest video series from NYT Bestselling author David Farland is Powerful Endings!

Learn how to write that last 40% of your story.

Find out why Lord of the Rings has so many endings.

Find out in this video series!

This series will be available soon here at www.mystorydoctor.com

This week on www.apex-writers.com
NYT Bestselling Author of the Burning Glass series, Kathie Purdie willl be speaking to the Apex Writers’ Group on Monday. Her topic will be “Raising the Stakes”.
On Saturday, Gama Ray Martizen, author of the Goblin Star saga will be our guest.
Live and past recorded Apex Calls are one of the many membership benefits that are included with your subscription at https://www.apex-writers.com/ 


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