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What is “Recharge Your Batteries”?

This video is part of the Super Writers’ Bundle, available at www.apex-writers.com.

All writers need to take time to recharge their creative battery when they’re worn out. In this lecture, David Farland discusses the best, most productive ways to re-energize, so that you can get back to writing faster and with renewed spirits.

In these videos, Dave will talk about how to learn to see and hear the world around you, what to do while resting from writing, how to take care of your most important asset (your brain), and what to do when you hit the post-novel blues.

In this first video, Dave talks about the importance of learning to really see and hear the world around you. There are several different classes of people who learn to see very well: miners, police officers, and painters. Writers need to learn to see just as well. They should also work on developing an acute sense of hearing. Practice using specific words to capture the sights and sounds of the world accurately.

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