Upcoming Online Master Workshops at Fyrecon


I am teaching a series of Master Workshops on launching your book.

Class 1 covers: Pre-Sales

  • Should you write a little novel or a biog series?
  • How do you turn your novel release into a major event?
  • Creating a bestseller-from designing a cover, choosing a font, to getting and selecting cover quotes.
  • How to write your bio and back copy
  • Selecting the right reviewers for your book.
  • Ramping up for the launch by creating your list.
  • Getting in front of the public-radios and television.
  • Choosing which bestseller lists to push for: Paperback, audiobook, e-book?
  • Book promotional tie-ins-toys, posters, short stories, and more!


Class 2: The Launch

  • Why it takes at least six months to properly launch:
    • Reviews, blog tours, press releases, magazine stories, getting the newspaper push, and so on.
  • How to create a “Book Bomb.”
  • Why tie your release to a charity.
  • Prepping for a book signing event.
  • The live tour.
  • Breaking onto and sustaining sales on the bestseller lists.

Class 3: Long Tail

  • School and library tours.
  • The importance of pushing in multiple publishing regions to become a bestseller.
  • Catering to the chain stores versus the independents.
  • Building an audience over multiple books.
  • Your publicity folder.Secret websites for radio and television
  • Hiring publicists.
  • Building your web presence.
  • Book “specials” -Using bundles, writer rings, and special editions.
  • Exploring foreign sales, video games, movies and television to help push your list.
  • The importance of gaining awards and selling through book clubs.
  • Cashing in on the value of being a “Celebrity author.”



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